We are running three new workshops during April, which will run from 22-24 April 2013 in Pretoria. On 22 April we focus on Governance of Heritage Organisations, and this is followed on 23 April by a workshop on Storage Management. On 24 April the workshop addresses the best-practices in Project Management.

To book for these workshops please contact Gladys Rapatsa by email or telephone (011.486.4671).

Workshop 1 : Governance of Heritage Organisations : 22 April

Every heritage organisation, including galleries, libraries, archives and museums, are required to have a governing body which has a range of roles and responsibilities. This workshop is suited for governing bodies and management of organisations and will help direct you to sustainable futures.

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Workshop 2 : Storage Management for Heritage Organisations : 23 April

Storage has been a constant area of crisis in many organisations for a long time, and this situation is not improving. Most organisations hold the bulk of their collections in storage, including physical storage and archival storage, and these areas require purposely management as part of the larger collection management framework of policies and procedures. This workshop will outline a range of strategies and processes to move towards best-practice storage management.

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Workshop 3 : Project Management for Heritage Organisations : 24 April

The last of the three April workshops concerns project management and how best-practice project management methods can be used to improve the management and operations of heritage organisations.

This workshops is based upon the PRINCE2 (TM) method (PRINCE2 is a trade mark of the UK government). PRINCE2 is a general-purpose method for effective project management which applies to all sizes of projects, both large and small, and across all types of projects, including exhibition planning and retrospective documentation.

Workshop details.

Other workshops run by The ETHER Initiative

We run a range of workshops in addition to the three planned for April 2013 and these include:

  • Do-It-Yourself Digitisation : a 2-day introduction to digitisation
  • Copyright in the Digital Age
  • SPECTRUM Best-Practices for Collection Management

For all queries and further information please make contact with Gladys Rapatsa by email or by telephone (011.486.4671).