ETHER Education as a programme of The ETHER Initiative would like to introduce you to our new workshop called Social Media and Digital Marketing for Museums and other Heritage Institutions.

As the generation of the Millenials is now making room for the I-Gen (Generation Z a group of people who have never known a time without hand-handled technology or social media) it is more important than ever to engage in social media market. The digital era we are currently living does not seem to be stopping or slowing down but rather expanding exponentially, it has become an imperative for museums to integrate social media in their marketing.

Our social media course is a two-day workshop on how to use social media to market your heritage institution. A large portion of the population expects to find what they want on social media channels. Museums and all heritage institutions must capitalise on this social media trend in order to market themselves and to build and promote their digital brand.

This requires a solid understanding of the social media options available and the markets which they serve, and also the capacity to exploit these channels in a way to suit your budget, capacity, and your market.

This workshop is designed for people new to social media marketing, and who have a specific interest or involvement with museums and other heritage institutions.

Outcomes from this workshop:

  • Importance of Social Media
  • Brand awareness
  • Help design a Social Media plan in relation to your public disclosure policy
  • Helping you set up your social media platforms
  • Managing your online reputation


The ETHER Initiative is a programme of Roger Layton Associates (Pty) Ltd. ETHER Education is a business unit within The ETHER Initiative, which addresses the training and educational needs of the heritage sector, with a focus on museum and collection management practices.

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