We are pleased to announce the schedule of our regional workshops as we have indicated in our recent newsletter.

The overwhelming response was for our workshops and training on SPECTRUM and Digitisation, and we are also taking the opportunity to launch our ETHER Conservation business unit throughout the country at the same time.

Please check our schedule on the workshops and training events page.

The SPECTRUM workshop is to introduce the concepts of best practices in the management of collections using the world-wide best practice standards of SPECTRUM, as published by the Collections Trust of the UK.

The Do-It-Yourself Digitisation workshop introduces the basic concepts and practices of digitisation to you in 2 days covering the full Digital Heritage Framework including the Ten Processes, the Six Roles, and Fifteen Principles, and a range of practices.

The ETHER Conservation business unit has been created recently, to provide a wide range of products and equipment for all of your conservation needs. ETHER has recently established an agency of CXD in the UK, and this free launch workshop will introduce you to the full range of products available from the extensive CXD catalogue.