The ETHER Initiative has collaborated with Pétria Marais to bring to you a motivating workshop on archiving. This workshop, which is created and presented by Pétria, is a two or three-day insightful course that focuses on optimal archiving methods.

 Librarians, information workers, records staff, and museum and heritage workers are not archivists, yet they are thrown into the deep end by their organisations when they are asked to look after their organisations’ collections of documents. This intensive three day workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know about archiving theory and method. This workshop is also of great benefit to those practicing as archivists because exposure to detailed methodologies and the latest developments in the field is often required.

What we cover

  • The differences between libraries, archives, museums and records centres (registries)
  • Acquisition and collection
  • Appraisal
  • Sorting and arrangement
  • Description / Indexing (including databases)
  • Preservation
  • The disaster recovery plan
  • Making archives available


Practical elements

  • Demonstration of archival materials
  • Your individual case-studies and concerns with be addressed and discussed


By the end of this intensive 3-day workshop, participants will have a sound understanding of the most favourable archiving methodologies and knowledge of the latest developments and trends in archival practices.

Who should attend

Archivists, librarians, museum and heritage workers, records staff, archive assistants, information officers.


The course costs R1650 per person per day (excl. VAT). This includes the workshop, practical materials, course notes, as well as lunch, tea/coffee and refreshments.

About Pétria

Pétria is a qualified archivist with 27 years of experience in the fields of archives and records management. Being a consultant, researcher, heritage worker, project leader and trainer, she came across the necessity and importance for libraries, registries, museums and other related disciplines to work together and to learn more about archiving.

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