The One-Museum is an aggregation portal for museums and non-museum heritage collections - a virtual museum environment suited to small and large museums. One-Museum provides a single point of access to open data for the benefit of school educators, scholars, learners, researchers and everyone who loves to visit museums.


Register as a user to gain access the wealth of information being developed in the repositories of One-Museum. Use this information in an open data mode acknowledging the source institution.


As a museum or as an institution with heritage collections, you can prepare and upload your information to your own virtual museum within the One-Museum growing this as you mature in your digital dissemination practices.

Digital Transformation

Now is the time for you to rapidly engage in the digital transformation of your institution, both to expand and broaden access to your collections and for the long-term digital preservation of your knowledge and collections.

Uploading Content

We provide a very simple method to build and curate your online content for ingestions into the One-Museum repository. There is no XML or other complex data structures, and only a few format requirements while ensuring the integrity and security of your information.

Categorization / Filters

Information is more accessible when effectively categorized. We provide many common and shared standard vocabularies to assist with classifying and categorizing your content.

Curriculum Linkage

All museums provide support for education. We provide a linkage of your educational products to to the curriculum providing direct and easy access educators and learners for a variety of educational purposes.