The ETHER Initiative delivers on the digital heritage, and on best-practices in heritage management.

The name “ETHER” derives from the words ETernal HERitage, and our motto is “the pursuit of an eternal heritage”.

The ETHER Initiative was created in 2008 in response to the emerging demand at the interface of ICT and Heritage. We have grown and expanded throughout 2012 and have introduced a range of new products and services.

Our focus areas have expanded beyond pure ICT applications into best practices in heritage in general, and we have structured our work into the following core areas:

  • governance : how heritage institutions are governed, and the responsibilities of boards
  • collections : the effective management of collections according to SPECTRUM best practices, best practices in storage management
  • visitor experience : improving the user experience through a range of innovative technologies, mostly using mobile phones and tablets
  • digitisation : developing strategies and helping with digitisation projects throughout the entire digitisation life-cycle
  • education : a wide-ranging workshop programme, with new training in specialist areas coming down the line