UV used against the spread of Mould

ETHER Conservation has entered into a new partnership with a South Africa based company called Ozone Purification Technology, who make their products locally. Their products help to prevent and stop the spread of fungi spores that lead to mould and mildew. They have been assisting the Adler museum to reduce the threat from mould in their storerooms and are also currently involved in a big project in the Seychelles to reduce the threats from mould in the National Archives, with the installation of upper room ultraviolet irradiation units to contain the spread of spores.

These UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) units are shielded so that the UV light that is emitted does not come into contact with the contents of your archive, storage area, library or museum. This means that your precious items are safe from damage. It is only the air that is irradiated.

For more information on these items please contact Sholeen. To find out more about Ozone Purification Technology visit their website.


Sani Ceiling

Sani Wall Mounted Unit

Sani Wall Mounted Unit