SPECTRUM is the world-wide best practice standard for managing collections, and it owned and managed by Collections Trust based in London. More than 20,000 museums use SPECTRUM for their museum operations, and after many years it is now undergoing a review leading to a renewal.

The ETHER Initiative is participating in this international review process, based on our experience of teaching more than 200 people over the past few years, and based on our ongoing advise to many museums and other collections.

We at ETHER are happy to consolidate all issues arising from local museums usage of SPECTRUM, and also happy to advise on how it can be adapted for usage in your specific museum. This applies especially to smaller museums which are under-resourced and yet wish to adopt best practices.

If you are using SPECTRUM and would like to contribute to the changes then please let us know.

If you do not yet know SPECTRUM but would like to know then also let us know and we can help.

There is a LinkedIn group which is dedicated to this and which is run by the Collections Trust and those who are interested in becoming actively involved should also consider this.

CONTACT: Roger Layton