Product Spotlight is a mailing produced by ETHER Conservation that will be sent out twice a month. These Product Spotlight mailings will highlight conservation and preservation products that are made available through The ETHER Initiative. These products are supplied to us by a Conservation By Design (CXD) in the UK that is of best practices standards. Not only will this mailing highlight products but also provide useful information on current conservation methods and innovations that are occurring through the world, and help you to stay informed.

If you are interested in receiving this mailing or more information about our product range please contact Sholeen Sanker or download a copy of the catalogue from our conservation page.

Listed below are all the current Product Spotlights that have been sent out thus far for 2014:

Product Spotlight 20140422 – Oxygen Free Storage

Product Spotlight 20140313 – Book Support

Product Spotlight 20140218 –  Paper Nao Japanese Handmade Paper

Product Spotlight 20140130 – Corrosion Intercept Film and Bag