Guide and copyright essentials

As digital collections become more and more important in the museum and heritage sector, we believe that all institutions should strive to become “Digital Institutions”. This means having access to digital resources, which includes digital information on the objects within collections.

Have a look at this useful short guide on digitisation by Collections Trust
     Digitisation and Online Collections    collections trust

Most museum collections include objects that were made by someone else and so it is vital that we are aware of our rights and responsibilities when it comes to managing and digitising this material.

For more information on Copyright and Intellectual Property click on the link below
    Copyright        collections trust

ETHER Digital can help you!

  • Develop a digitisation strategy
  • Guide your digitisation projects
  • Advice on collections audits
  • Build digital repositories and databases
  • Build websites
  • Develop mobile phone technology to enhance user experience
  • Long-term digital preservation and digital sustainability plans
  • Workshops on how to start and run digitisation initiatives
  • Training in digitisation techniques
  • Upcoming workshop on Copyright and Intellectual Property