We are renewing our offer to museums for us to provide a Mini Web Page which is localised to your town or city, and which is then discoverable by tourists and others.

This is part of a larger initiative to create a general cultural atlas of the country, similar to what has been done in other countries of the world, to enable easy access to a host of arts, culture and heritage activities. This initiative is partly driven by some of the international papers delivered at the SACO conference in Port Elizabeth.

Our first part of this initiative is to build up a comprehensive atlas of all of the museums, with each having their own Mini Web Page.

For the Mini Web Page we offer the following:

  • we gather information from you about your museum
  • we will build a Mini Web Page using a standardised design, incorporating your own information and images
  • we will then publish this on the XtownX portal under your specific museum name with an address such as : xtownx.co.za/YOURMUSEUMNAME

Please download the following form in Word, complete this, and then submit this as indicated, and we will then keep you informed about the progress.


We look forward to hearing from you, from the ETHER team.