ETHER Conservation Launch

28 May 2013. Johannesburg.

The ETHER Initiative is proud to announce the creation of our latest business unit for the heritage industry, ETHER Conservation, which is distributing world-class conservation materials and equipment from Conservation-By-Design (CXD) of the UK.

CXD manufactures very high quality materials and equipment which has long lifetime in order to meet the expected lifetime of the objects and items that are held in the collections of institutions. Our focus in ETHER is on “eternal heritage” which now includes the long-term preservation of the physical to complement our existing focus on the long-term digital repositories and databases which we provide through our ETHER Base collection management system.

Our launch seminar for ETHER Conservation will address the following:

  • the full range of conservation materials and equipment available through ETHER Conservation : papers, boards, folders, boxes, equipment, storage, furniture, polyesters, and many more.
  • how to introduce formal conservation policy and practices through ongoing audits of locations and objects
  • developing strategies and plans for conservation and storage management
  • where the SPECTRUM best practice procedures play a role in conservation

The seminar will include refreshments and handouts and it will last approximately 2 hours.

These launch seminars are free of charge, but there will be limits on the number of delegates for individual institutions.

The seminars will be conducted by Roger Layton, Sholeen Sanker, and Dr Tammy Reynard as part of a national roadshow.

Please contact Sholeen Sanker at