28 May 2013. Johannesburg.

The ETHER Initiative is proud to announce the launch of our latest business unit, ETHER Conservation, which is providing world-class materials and equipment for all of your conservation needs. These conservation products are provided by association with  Conservation-By-Design (CXD) of the UK.

We have scheduled country-wide launch seminars to introduce you to the product range and how these can be integrated into your conservation activities.

The ETHER Conservation Launch Seminar will include an outline of the full range of products we will be providing, as well as guidelines on how these can be used for particular situations, and international case studies. Some of the products will be available for viewing. Please check the specific web page for this launch seminar for further details.

For further information please contact Sholeen Sanker on 011.486.4671 or at sholeen.sanker@ether.co.za.